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Keeping what’s good, and fixing what’s not.


Finding fast affordable ways to make it really good.

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Renovations, innovations, additions, transformations, small commercial and residential projects, making your home fit your life.

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Your home is where your heart is. That’s why the Idea Company goes to such great lengths to listen first. We’ll work with you to develop the plan that makes your house a home.

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Commercial spaces are designed and built to do a job. We have experience with commercial, office, warehouse, light industrial, and church buildings.

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An Office that Markets

We wanted to make a statement. And we didn’t have a huge budget. So we worked with the architect and the Idea Company to figure out how to get it done. We said, ‘If it’s expensive but looks cheap, we don’t want it (so no spiral duct work), and if it’s cheap but looks expensive, we do want it (so, big curved wall, HVAC sofitt, and fabric ducts). In the end, it was amazing! Plus, they did it in an unbelievable turnaround time!”

~Anne and James Gibbons

What Our Clients Say...

What our Clients Say...

I love my new kitchen. Every time we cook, entertain, or sit down to a family dinner, we feel like we have a brand new house! The Idea Company came with ideas and options we had never considered.”

~Rhoda Groves